Actually, it’s easy to clean tatami!



The room is spread with tatami mats all over the floor, and people lie down on the mats, eat their meals, sitting on the mats directly, and spend their time with their families…

In Japan, the space called “washitsu” has existed in many families since ancient times.
Those who are unfamiliar with tatami may doubt how people clean the mat or what kind of maintenance is necessary for it.
But, it’s all right. If you learn the tricks, it is not difficult to clean tatami mats at all!

First, clean along the mesh of the tatami mats when you use a vacuum cleaner.

Then, wipe gently with a dry cloth.
Scouring is not good.

When you feel that some dirt is hard to rub out, wet a towel with a little hot water, wring it strongly, and wipe the dirt with it.

How is it going?

The labor for cleaning tatami mats, flooring, and carpets isn’t so variant, is it?

We think it nice that tatami’s own comfortable texture is broadly accepted in various countries without being difficult to grasp.