Allure of Japanese cuisine that looks best in Japanese room



Recently, I hear often on the news that there are more and more foreigners interested in Japanese food.

It makes me so happy to realize that the fascinating Japanese food and Sake are handed over to the next generation in worldwide scale.

It is also wonderful that “Washoku – Japanese traditional food culture” was registered as “UNESCO intangible cultural heritage”.
I believe it’s the same for everywhere but knowing its “food” leads to the understanding of its “culture.”

There is a wonderful culture of “Tatami” in Japan.
In the Japanese room with Tatami, there is a space called “Tokonoma” where we display flowers and wall scrolls and we express our hospitality by having guests or highly-ranked person sitting in “Kamiza (upper seat)” which is near Tokonoma.

I believe that Japanese room itself and eating on Tatami plays some role in making Japanese food more tasteful and attractive.
I wish the warmth and peacefulness of Tatami and Japanese room would spread to the world together with Japanese food.