Japanese Traditional Mat “Tatami”



In Japan, there is a traditional mat called “tatami”. Have you ever heard the name?

Tatami is a unique mat, which we see is used only in Japan when we look around the world. In traditional Japanese families, “tatami” has been used since the age when the samurais were alive.

The custom to use “tatami” is even continued in modern general households.
Traditional tatami is made by knitting the grass


and piling up the knitted thing with a base material, made by piling up rice straws thickly again and again “tatami mat”.

The completed tatami is a mat, but it is very thick, which is different from carpets and rugs that are made of only 1 cloth. For this reason, even if you sit on the tatami mat as it is, lie down on it or walk barefoot on it, the tatami mat has moderate cushioning, springiness, and soft skin contact, so it is comfortable for you.

Recently, new material tatamis have also been being produced, which are adjusted to modern general households using the latest construction methods. However, the feature of only tatami is continued, which is comfortable as the mat is superior in springiness and cushioning.