Luxury of relaxing on Tatami floor after taking bath What do you imagine when you hear the word “take a bath”?



In Japan, though we sometimes take a shower rapidly, basically we have a habit to fill water in the bath tub and lie in the bath for some extent of time regardless of the seasons.

It is said that lying in bath removes the fatigue of the day and also it is cherished as a time of communication between parent-child by a number of families.

It is really refreshing to lay your body on tatami after you enjoyed the hot water in bath.

Tatami is dry to the skin when you touch so it will relax your heart and body.
In the summer, the cool touch of Tatami is comfortable to you sweating body.
In the winter, the softness of Tatami in the warmed room will lap you gently.

Japanese bath and the relaxing time in Japanese room after bath is the luxury that I want foreigners from various countries to experience.