Renew the image Come to the generation when you can select the color of tatami!



“Tatami” is a Japanese conventional culture, but what color, is imagined as a general color?

We think many people imagine green-like color as the general color of tatami, but the colors of recent tatami mats aren’t limited to any color!

You can select the colors you like adjusting them with the harmony of curtains and furniture etc. and your favorite colors. Such tatami is produced now.

“Washitsu” is a room that is spread with tatami mats all over the floor, but you don’t have to adopt tatami mats all over the floor in order to make your room “washitsu”.

You can adopt only the tatami mats you need as the accent of your room.
Then, the important factor is color when you select tatami mats.

It is possible to select the colors that make your room suddenly bright and quiet. It may be enjoyable to try installing the new item “tatami” in sense of enjoying rearranging your room!