Tatami is a Japanese own mat



Japan adopted many things, such as various cultures, political systems, and religions from China and the Korean peninsula since ancient times.

However, the Japanese traditional mat “tatami” is exceptional.
“Tatami” was produced uniquely in Japan and has been developed since then.

In China and the Korean peninsula, “tatami” is not used. So, you can feel the “Japanese” space, which you couldn’t experience until now unless you come to Japan, in your house anytime by adopting “tatami” to your rooms.

On the traditional “tatami” in Japanese houses, as we complete it by spreading rooms with mats without leaving any gap, we needed some construction. So, we had to remove all the furniture in the room temporarily and make the room empty for the construction.

However, “placing tatami” is produced as the latest progressed tatami. When you get the sheet-type tatami, it is convenient because it enables you to make an atmosphere of washitsu by spreading it anywhere in your room, like a carpet or rug.