The Comfortable Space “Washitsu”, which enables you to be relaxed


We call a room which is spread with Japanese traditional mats “tatami”, “washitsu”02 in Japan. It is manners to enter washitsu after taking off your shoes, slippers, and room shoes etc.

Though we think many countries except Japan have the custom to wear shoes even in houses, it enables you to be very relaxed to spend the time barefoot.

In old Japanese houses, the rate of rooms that are spread with tatami is very high. Then, the Japanese tatami mat was used for various other things such as dining rooms, bedrooms, studies, welcoming places for customers, and tea party places etc.

When a room is spread with tatami, you can sit on the mat directly or lie down, so you can change the place into a room for many various uses only by putting Japanese cushions, bedding, and/or tables etc.

European styles are adopting many parts of modern Japanese houses, but, nevertheless, many people like the tatami room washitsu, even now, and they feel the room as ‘the comfortable space where you can feel relaxed’ by utilizing them as bedrooms or parlors etc.