Washitsu and tatami is safe for children! Why don’t you have tatami mats for children’s rooms?


When your long-awaited baby is born and you dream of the time with your new family member from now, we think that the most prioritized and important thing is the health and safety of your child.

A baby, who just sleeps, learns to crawl on the floor and tries to stand up and walk. As the item to support such growth safely and comfortably, the Japanese conventional culture “tatami” works very well!

It feels natural to step on tatami mats with your shoes off. The feeling of stepping on tatami barefoot is comfortable for your feet, and additionally tatami mats are very sanitary.

You can watch your child doing his/her best to stand up and starting to toddle with relief if the child does so, on soft tatami mats. Even when your child does fall down a little to the ground, the child won’t get completely injured in the case of tatami mats.

On tatami mats, you can spend time relieved and comfortably, as a space to spread toys and for taking a nap. Why don’t you spend your time with your child on tatami mats comfortably?