Tatami in ancient and honorable temple that lasts 350 years



One of the places where Tatami has been used since old days is temple of Buddhism.
In Japan, there are several remaining Buddhist temples that tells its history to these days.

One of such temples is Zen temple “Daitokuji” in Kyoto. It’s designated as Japanese National heritage and is an ancient and honorable temple constructed in 14th century.

Apart from the prestige main sanctuary, there are a number of pagoda making it the atmosphere of temples in Edo period. In this “Daitokuji”, there remains 112 Tatami that has been used since late 17th century, the period of Samurai.

Tatami of the old days were made with braided rice straw and the fact that Tatami who survived for about 350 years still exists makes me realize that Tatami is a tough and long-lasting flooring.

If you have chance to visit Japan, why don’t you visit “Daitokuji” in Kyoto to step inside the Tatami space where dates back to Samurai period.