Tatami room which is strongly sought-after in Japan in these days



Those who live in abroad, have you ever stepped in an ordinary Japanese house when you came to Japan for visit?

Old houses and Buke-houses in sightseeing spots are Japanese house of the old days, about 100 to 200 years ago.
Today’s Japanese house has completely changed.
There are less and less rooms with Tatami and more and more rooms with wooden floor in European style.

However, according to the research conducted recently, it turned out that more than 85% of Japanese “want to have Tatami room”. It can be said that Tatami is such a familiar thing for Japanese that it heals and relaxes us.

The advantage of using Tatami as flooring of the room is that you can lie, sit down or relax with naked feet on the floor. Also it has cool touch in spring and summer since it’s dry and can feel natural warmth in autumn and winter.

Currently, we are shipping Tatami to abroad. Would you like to have a room with Tatami flooring in you house?