Tatami room is the traditional style of Japanese hotel



If you have a chance to visit Japan, what kind of hotel do you want to stay at?

European style hotel, genuine Japanese style Ryokan, Minshuku, Auberge…also capsule hotel, guest house and ordinary houses using Airbnb are popular among foreigners.

Though there are various ways to stay in Japan, we recommend you strongly Japanese Ryokan with its unique atmosphere. Basically, the room of Ryokan is Japanese room with Tatami flooring.

You sit on Tatami to eat, to chat with family, friend or lover over Japanese treats and Green tea and sleep in Futon…. Spending relaxing time on Tatami is the unique Japanese style.

Even in European style hotel or Minshuku, there exist facilities with Tatami space. With Tokyo Olympic scheduled in 2020, many of you might be interested in visiting Japan.

Would you like to stay at place with Tatami?