“Ninna-ji” in Kyoto with the great hall of 168 tatami



One of the places with large tatami space in current Japan are Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine. Some of you who have been to Japan may already have visited such places since these are often open to public as sightseeing spots.

The difference compared to ordinary house is above all, it’s largeness. In ordinary house, popular tatami room are with 4.5, 6, 8, 10 or 12 tatami.
On the other hand, in temple, there are sometimes great hall with 168 tatami, meaning that almost 170 tatami are in one single room.

If you visit world heritage “Ninna-ji”in Kyoto, you can use this great hall with 168 tatami. Ninna-ji is opening its building to public as accommodation building which is called “temple lodging”.
The great hall with 168 tatami are included in the accommodating facility so people can lend it for dinner, party, workshop or exposition.

It might be a nice idea to stay at temple lodging when you visit Japan.