Japanese folktale in Japanese room, enjoy tales becoming more zestful on tatami floor



Do you know the story-writer, Yakumo Koizumi?

His original name was Patrick Lafcadio Hearn.
The man said to have (lived on the both sides of Orient and Western” was born in Greece and acquired Japanese nationality in 1896.

He used the name Yakumo after the place where he lived for a while, Shimane prefecture.
“Kottou” and “Kaidan”
which are literary works by adding Yakumo’s original interpretation to traditional legends and ghost stories of all over Japan are famous as his masterpieces and are still read.

Also, as the famous regional legend, there is “Zashiki-warashi”.
It’s a spirit of a child wearing Japanese clothes who lives in Zashiki (=Japanese room) and brings luck to those who saw him.
In Iwate prefecture, there is actually “the hotel where you can meet Zashiki-warashi” and we often see the scene of Zashiki-warashi sitting on the tatami.

In order to enjoy these stories zestfully, factors such as Japanese room and tatami are indispensable. Inherited Japanese folktales. Please feel its zest on tatami.