Phrases related to tatami Long and close relationship between Japanese people and tatami



Tatami is a unique traditional culture of Japan. It dates back to early ages and there are records that says it was already used in the age of Jomon and Yayoi.

In ancient times, tatami was a general name for thin carpet but it changed to thick tatami with Igusa in Heian period.

In Japan, there are many words and phrases related to “tatami” based on the long and close relationship between Japanese people and tatami.

For example, the word
“die on tatami”
describes the wish to die peacefully on tatami and not by something like car accident. Tatami is such a peaceful symbol for Japanese.

There is also the famous saying of
“wife and tatami, the newer the better”
which means we wish wives and tatami to always be fresh.

There are various words related to tatami, from words expressing structures such as Tatamidoko/tatamiomote to words referring to maintenance such as Tatamigae/tatamiboshi and all of them are very important and familiar to Japanese people.