Is the room of Doraemon Tatami?



Japanese animation and manga are so popular among people worldwide.
“Doraemon”, “Tonari no Totoro” and “Sen to Chihiro” etc….

Especially “Sen to Chihiro” got attention by winning Academy prize in the US.

Even in these animation pieces, there are often rooms with Tatami.
Doraemon lives in the room of Nobita which is a 6-tatami room.It’s a general children room in Japanese average family.

Long animation, “Tonari no Totoro” of Studio Ghibli is also very popular all over the world.
There are sisters whose names are Satsuki and Mei in this animation and the house in which they live has a lot of Tatami rooms and is described as a general Japanese housing.

There is a facility that re-creates this “house of Satsuki and Mei” exactly as in the movie in Aichi, Japan. You can even get inside with a fee.

If you have chance to visit Japan, please experience the Japanese housing described in the film.