Yoga and Tatami



In Japan there are traditional performing arts such as Budo, Sado, Kado and Shodo.
These are all cultivation for Samurai to train spirit and body rather then “sports” or “art”.
And all these traditional performing arts were conducted on Tatami.

These days, there are many people working on Yoga to train spirit and body.
Yoga studio exists all over the world including in Japan.

With this mind of “the place to train spirit and body should be on Tatami”, there are Yoga studio with Tatami these days.

Tatami with enough cushioned feeling, soft touch to skin, warmth and scent of fresh green is perfect for Yoga workout.
There are “Oki Datami” which you can try Tatami easily in your room so why don’t you use Tatami instead of Yoga mat at home?