“Judo”, the sports on Tatami



Kendo, Kyudo and Karatedo are the Japanese traditional Budo.
“Judo” is also one of them.
Nowadays, it has become a Olympic sports and there are many people exercising Judo all over the world.

“Judo” is a sports on Tatami.
It uses Tatami of 10m each as matching ground and make Waza within this ground.
If even one foot gets out of the ground while making Waza, it won’t be admitted.
It’s a sports to compete winning over the counterpart by making Waza.

Tatami used for Judo match is made not by Tatami makers but by Sports maker.
There are even specialized Tatami made with advice of Japanese Judo Olympic Gold medalist as a player.

Different from Igusa Tatami in Japanese room, its surface is made with special material that won’t slip and it’s like a sponge that absorbs shock.
This sponge-mat-like Tatami is used for Olympic too.

When you watch Judo in Rio de Janeiro Olympic, please watch closely to the “Tatami”too.