What is the mind in how we lay Tatami? Deep connection between Japanese and Tatami



Japanese room means a room with Tatami but do you know that Japanese rooms has variety and different meaning depending on “how the Tatami is laid”?

In old days, Tatami was very precious thing so it wasn’t laid all the time but only when welcoming people.

And when they lay Tatami, it is said that they changed how the Tatami is laid depending on the event.
In other words, the Tatami was laid differently when there is marriage and funeral.

The way for celebration is called


and for funeral


These days, Shugi-shiki is used in Japanese room of housing and Fushugi-shiki in large Tatami room in temple and hotel.

Japanese people have expressed their feeling to the situation by changing the way Tatami is laid.
Tatami and Japanese people’s sensitivity is so deeply connected since old days.

Don’t you find it interesting?