Wonderful craftsmanship What are the “Professional eyes” for making Tatami?



There are many professionals in the world who is called “craftsman”.
Glass craftsman, watch craftsman… blacksmith is one of them too.

They succeed long-lasting tradition and handle “thing” with to create product.
Their skill must be appreciated.

Tatami craftsman, who handle Tatami which is Japanese unique culture is one of them.
The most important thing for Tatami craftsman is “hand- stitch skill”

Tatami is made of


which is the stitched straw,


that actually touches the feet and


which protects Omote and Doko.

Tatami-Omote is stitched to Tatami-Doko and also Tatami-Fuchi will be stitched to it for finish.
It is often done by machine these days but it is said that
“if you don’t understand that meaning of 1 stitch/1 thread, you can’t do the right job”.

Tatami can’t be made simply by pushing a button of machine but eyes of craftsman are indispensable.
Japanese traditional “Tatami”exists on the basis of wonderful professional skills.