Sado and Tatami



“Sado” is a Japanese tea ceremony.
It’s a Japanese traditional ceremony.

These days, general people perform it as a hobby but it originated from Samurai culture.
Sado is performed on Tatami.

The way of laying Tatami in Chashitsu is little different from that of general housing.
The place where host make tea and where guest sits and drinks tea have to be on the different Tatami.
Also, since there are fire pit under the floor in Chashitsu, Tatami is cut for fire pit.

When you hear the word “a room with Tatami”, you might think that the same sized Tatami is repeatedly laid but actually how it’s laid might change by how the room is used and also it could serves to distinguish where person sits depending on his/her role.

If you have chance to come to Japan and experience Sado, please look carefully how Tatami is laid in Chashitsu.