“Karuta competition”, the martial arts on Tatami is now hot



Japanese have lived on Tatami for a long time.
There are many games played on Tatami. For example,
is one of them.

We put picture cards like game cards on Tatami and sit around it with more than two people.
The reader will read the “reading card”, the one who finds the paired picture card out of all cards will take it and the one who has more cards wins.

“Karuta” used to be a game played indoor in new years but these days it has become a tough and speedy competition like sports and it’s gaining attention.

On Tatami with about 100 cards, you have to start from the position of sitting on your leg and move your upper body quickly to take the picture card faster than competitors so you’ll need swift move, instantaneous force and muscle power.

Also, in order to take paired picture card, you have to memorize 100 reading cards.

“Competition Karuta”
is now called
“Martial art on Tatami”.

In Japan, Manga and movie on this sports are very popular.