Tanabata fits Japanese room Japanese traditional event to make a wish upon a star



July 7th is called
in Japan.

It was originally an event to wish for children to grow up healthily but nowadays it’s regarded as a day to write down wishes on colorful paper called “Tanzaku”.
The song of
is so popular that there is no Japanese who can’t sing it.
In it, there is a word “Nokiba”.

In Japan, there are less houses with Tatami or Japanese room.
Traditional Japanese housing is disappearing.
In Traditional Japanese housing, there is a space called Nokiba.

It’s under the roof who exceed the building.
Open up shoji of Japanese room and watch bamboo and Tanzaku under Nokiba from Tatami or Engawa and make a wish on a star.

Long-lasting Japanese tradition fits well to Tatami and Japanese room.

In Japan, there are many festivals of Tanabata in many areas.
It will be nice to visit Japan on that season and travel while feeling the zest of it.