Ancient wisdom! Japanese traditional craft-work that makes Tatami in summer much more cooler



Tatami with light touch to the skin and fresh smell of green grass.
Even in hot summer, the room stays cool and comfortable.

However, summer in Japan is very hot and wet so we feel wet heat.

In old days, there was no electric fan and air conditioner so there were traditional craft-work that makes summer Tatami cooler.

It is called “Yuton”.
It a dozen of Japanese paper pasted together and coated with oil extracted from plants called Egoma and dried.
The surface shines brightly that it even reflects the column in the room.

Using this “Yuton” on Tatami realizes nice and cooler touch to the skin which was the “ecological” way of ancient wisdom.
This was regarded as the best welcome and luxury in guest room of old Japanese housing.

In modern Japanese housing, we don’t often see “Yuton” being used, but “Yuton” is still made.
However, it’s really expensive and costs 800,000 JPY for 8 Tatami.
It was the seasonal tradition of Japanese summer and Tatami.