Tatami which is useful in case of emergency



In April 2016, a large earthquake struck Kumamoto prefecture, in south-west Japan.

Also there was a East Japan Earthquake in March 2011.
Japan has a lot of earthquakes and each time, people have to leave their homes and spend life together in shelter.

It goes the same for volcanics and landslides.

In such situation, Tatami has gained attention for being useful in shelter life.
It’s soft and warm. Also its smell of fresh green grass relaxes us.
It absorbs sound so it is expected to improve sound problems in shelter.
Also it controls moisture so it’ll make life in shelter better.
Babies and children can sleep safely on soft, warm Tatami.

In April 2016, Japanese Tatami shops and Government started together a project to deliver new Tatami in large amount to shelter when there is a emergency.
Tatami is also paid attention to as a flooring for emergency.