Historical Avenge Relationship between “Chushin-gura” and Tatami



More than 300 years ago.

Bushi named Takuminokami Asano who couldn’t bear various unreason took out his sword in Edo castle against the rule and cut to Kouzukenosuke Kira.

With the story of 47 vassals who stood up to kill Kira in behalf of their master who was sentenced to harakiri on the same day, this event is transmitted as “Chushin-gura”.

One of the reasons this story is transmitted is that it is related to Tatami-gae.

Temple named “Zojoji” where messenger from Emperor rest.
300 Tatamis in this temple was supposed to be renewed but Kira told that to Asano just the night before the event.

There’s another story that vassals run around Edo and hired all Tatami craftsmen to meet the deadline.

Zojoji which is said to be the chance to avenge through Tatami-gae and “Sengakuji”where 47 Bushi sleep are both closely situated in Tokyo.
If you have chance to come to Japan, please visit them.