Using Tatami in Kumamoto shelter



April 15th , 2016, an earthquake of intensity 7 struck around Kumamoto, in south-west of Japan.
There were serious damage such as house destruction and landsliding and about 180,000 people are obliged to live in public shelter together.

Shelter is mainly in school gym.
People have to pass a long time on cold, hard wooden floor with only sheet.
Since there are many people living together, there are problem of sound and privacy and it causes stress problem when shelter life become longer.

Meanwhile, Tatami Industry Association in Kagoshima prefecture, next to Kumamoto prefecture are delivering 120 Tatami to people in shelter as supporting activity.

“In hope that they could feel some warmth and relaxation by Tatami even is hard shelter life”.
It’s a support from such feeling.

Tatami has long been used in Japanese housing as flooring perfect for weather and housing structure.
It has proper cushion texture, hygroscopic nature and sound insulating property and Japanese people can relax just by sitting or laying on Tatami.

Tatami is something useful even in emergency shelter.