Inside the tower is Tatami room! One of the 3 Japanese famous mountain castle, Tsuyama Castle and Tatami



Tsuyama Castle stood on Tsuyama in Okayama prefecture until been torn down by Castle Disposition Order in 1873.

It is known as the best spot for cherry blossom and chosen as
“100 best cherry blossom in Japan”.
Cherry blossom blooming in front of stone wall is a dramatic scene.

Tsushima Castle was said to have 77 towers including outer bailey.
Tower is a place to attack/defend when enemy attacks the castle.

Reproductive construction of Bicchu tower has started since 2002 and both tower and wall were built in 2006.

Inside Bicchu tower is, quite rare for a tower, “Palace style” which means all Tatami flooring!
In this tower with spacious Tatami place, there is even a tea room of 7 Tatamis reproduced.

What did commanders thought on Tatami while awaiting enemies.

How did the Japanese room made them relax.
We can wonder such things while appreciating cherry blossom.