“Castle Keep Palace” with Tatami Kawagoe Castle



Kawagoe Castle in Kawagoe, Saitama prefecture is known an
“the only one Castle Keep Palace in East Japan”.
Castle Keep Palace is where master lives and governs so it’s “the center of the castle”.

It is quite rare that Castle Keep Palace remains till today.
Also, “Chief Retainer Station”where Chief Retainer lived remains, and is selected to prefecture cultural asset along with the Castle Keep Palace.

Inside the station is all tatami including hallway!
Chief Retainer Station is different in its way of laying Tamami from general stations.

There is a stateroom just after the entrance of Castle Keep Palace.
It’s been used for shooting dramas and has 36 Tatamis.
There is an alcove of traditional Japanese room and it was used as waiting room for the guest until the master arrives.

Kawagoe has developed as Castle town and called “small Edo”during Edo period.
It has been selected as National historical city.
There is also “Bell of time” and it’s a town where you can feel the living history while walking around.