What is “Bloodstained Tatami “Hideyoshi/Ieyasu 2 commanders and Fushimi Castle



Fushimi Castle was built by commander Hideyoshi Toyotomi as his living palace for his older years.

Though what remains today is only “mock keep” which was built later and we can’t visit, there are many interesting things in history of Fushimi Castle.

Hideyoshi died in Fushimi Castle and Ieyashu Tokugawa reigned the country after him.

There was “the battle of Fushimi Castle” in 1600, which was in the runup to famous “battle of Sekigahara”, where Mototada Torii, the faithful vassal of Ieyasu to whom the castle was entirely left, guarded the castle for 10 days with only few troops and then died by harakiri.

His blood spread on Tatami in Fushimi Castle and Ieyasu said to have put this
“Bloodstain Tatami”
in Fushimi Tower in Edo Castle to honor the royalty of Mototada and others.

Tatami were taken out at Meiji Ishin and buried next to Seichu Temple to hold a mass.

Bloodstain flooring of battle is said to be used on the ceiling of Yogenin and Shodenji in Kyoto.
Bloodstain Tatami and flooring embodies the royalty of Bushi.