Japanese room started from Azuchi Castle Tatami’s characteristic to which Nobunaga Oda paid attention



Nobunaga Oda is one of the famous commanders who built the basis of Sengoku period.
Nobunaga stood out by his unique idea and strategy and had almost all Japan in his hand.

Azuchi Castle is the castle he built next to Biwako for its accessibility in order to use as the basis of dominating whole country.
It is said that Nobunaga paid attention to Tatami’s characteristic when building Azuchi Castle.

Tatami has proper elasticity and tough.
It’s lighter than wood panel of the same size so easy to carry and could be used as a shield for arrow and gun.

“During ordinary times, it will be used as the flooring of the room.
It should be put around the building and used as shields in case of besieged battle.”

Thus, he had Tatami all over towers and palace.

The size and thickness of Tatami were decided based on the distance between columns in Azuchi Castle so that it can be carried and this is said to be the basis of today’s Tatami configuration.

Hidden military background of Tatami.
Japanese room was born thanks to Nobunaga Oda.