“Judo Tatami”, useful in shelter for disaster



April 15th 2016, large Kumamoto earthquake occurred in south-west of Japan.
About 180,000 people were struck and live communally in public shelter.
I’ve already told you that large amount of Tatami was brought into shelter and contributed to reducing stress.

Not only Tatami for general residence but also for Judo are used in shelter.
Shelter for disaster is often set in public gym. In the gym storage, there are many sports goods such as ball, mattress and gymnastic device but they recognized the Tatami for Judo in storage.

Not only government employee but also refugees cooperated to lay more than 300 Tatami in spacious gym.

Hard, cold floor of gym will be much comfortable to sit and to sleep on with Judo Tatami.
Refugees are delighted.
It’s a topic that demonstrates “only one Tatami can provide Japanese people a relaxing space”.