“The famous” Iwamura Castle and ruin of Tatami-Bashi Searching for history in Castle town



Iwamura Castle was a tough mountain castle built on highland in altitude 717m.

Today, there remain only stone wall, ruin of gate and ruin of bridge called
since turning flooring as Tatami, but it was “the famous castle” existed from Kamakura period to Meiji for more than 700 years.

Since this castle was built to make use of fog which happens quite often in this area, it was also called “Kasumigajo”.

Iwamura-machi, Ena-shi in Gifu prefecture has more than 800 year history as castle town of Iwamura Castle and is plenty of ruins.

There are traditional Japanese housing open to public which makes us imagine the history such as
“House of Katsukawa”
merchant who became big at the end of Edo period and
“House of Kimura”
who helped finance of this area as Tonya.

Of course there was nothing convenient in civilizational way.
Sliding door, wooden door, top rail and Japanese room with beautiful Tatami.

The way of Japanese room telling us how they lived such as library with Tatami, Chashistu, Mushamado and transom wash our hearts.

Iwamura castle and its castle town.
Would you like to walk around following the history?