Tatami change of village headman house that continues to this day



Modern Japanese housing has change into European style in its outlook, structure and interior so a house with tatami everywhere is rare.

However, there are many
“traditional Japanese house”
all over Japan who keeps the Japanese style descending from Samurai period.

In Tochigi prefecture, about 1 and a half hour from Tokyo by car, there remains a residence of big figure during Edo period.
It’s called
“Residence of Kocho of House of Shirato”
and traditional Japanese housing is saved with thatched roof, gate, dirt floor and storehouse.

It is open to public in order to pass down Japanese history and culture to this day and also used for shooting of film and drama.

April 2016, Tatami in this residence was changed.
Tatami changes its color, gets pilings and becomes less elastic with long-term usage so usually we change Tatami every 10 years.
Therefore, Tatami of “Residence of Kocho of House of Shirato”has been changed, too.

After brand new Tatami was installed, a tea party was held in this residence and visitors passed a gracious time. This “Residence of Kocho of House of Shirato” is open to everyone with entrance fee.

If you have chance to visit Japan, why don’t you experience traditional Japanese housing with brand new Tatami.