Tatami is a natural air cleaner



There are many people using air cleaner to keep room air fresh.
Especially family with small children, elder people or pet tends to use air cleaner.

In summer when it’s humid or in winter when it’s dry and cold and flu spread, many people might be sensitive to the air in the house.

Actually, Tatami which has been used in Japanese housing for a long time is also called

“natural air cleaner”.

Just laying Tatami prevents humidity in summer and dryness in winter.
Tatami is made from natural plant called “Igusa”.

When it’s humid, it absorbs humidity and when it’s dry, it ejects humidity.

It can be said that Tatami is “breathing” by itself.
It can add humidity or eliminate humidity depending to the season.

Moreover, you don’t have to have expensive and large air cleaner.
“Igusa”absorbs toxic substance in the air and also its smell makes people relax.

If you want to keep the air in your room clean, let’s try “Tatami”, “natural air cleaner”.