Mini-Tatami making workshop in Japanese elementary school


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In old days, Tatami was everywhere in Japanese houses.
But in modern Japan clothing/food/housing are all becoming European style and there are less Tatami room in general housing.

For Japanese children in these days, it can be the case that “there is no Tatami room in my house!”

In order to hand down Tatami making which is Japanese traditional culture, some Japanese elementary schools give Tatami-making workshop as a part of education.

Tatami used in the room is about a size on which an adult can sleep but in these workshops, they make smaller “mini-Tatami”.

It takes about an hour to paste Igusa and border to the core and the finished mini-Tatami can be used as a mat for vase or pot or a mouse pad.

Other than elementary school, you can experience this mini-Tatami workshop in Tatami shops in Japan.

If you get a chance to visit Japan, please look for Tatami shop where you can participate to “mini-Tatami making workshop”.