CEO room of Yahoo!Japan is a Tatami room!?



Japanese people think

“Tatami room is relaxing”.

Though housing, shop and company building are becoming European style with flooring, tile and carpet, it is said that close to 70% of people feel “Tatami room is indispensable”.

With only one Tatami, you can stretch your leg and sit or lie down and relax.
Also, not only you can be in relaxed position but also the smell of Igusa has relaxing effect.

The experiment shows that children in Tatami room had 15% more correct answer for given math question than children in other rooms.

Adult also seeks healing effect of Tatami.
In CEO room of Japanese IT representative company “Yahoo! Japan”, there exists a corner with Tatami.
It’s a room with carpet in large office building, but it seems they put “Oki-datami”to have a corner to relax.

As you can see, with “Oki-datami”, you can easily realize Tatami space in room with carpet, tile or flooring.
It’s like changing rug depending on the season. If you want to have a Tatami corner in your room, please try “Oki-datami”.