Relationship between Tango no Sekku, the day for bothman and woman, and Tatami



Have you ever heard of the word
“Tango no Sekku”?

Though it’s already passed, in Japan, May 5th is called so and is a day to wish healthy growth of boys.

In Japanese room, there will be Yoroi and Kabuto and outside, there will be Koi-nobori”in shape of Koi.

Yoroi and Kabuto are meant for health and Koi-nobori for promotion and this custom has been continuing since Kamakura period.

Yoroi-Kabuto in Japanese room looks perfect with Tatami and it’s a zestful view that makes your back straight.

Though Tango no Sekku is now set to be a “day for boys”, it actually was a day for women.
Its origin was the ceremony of women cleaning themselves before starting “Taue” which means planting rice in paddy field.

In some area, there are customs to call the night of May 4th to 5th “Onna-Tenka”, men serves alcohol and handmade dish to women and half of Tatami in the house or the whole house is regarded as woman’s belonging.

Tango no Sekku is a interesting day for boys and for women and is related to Tatami and Japanese room.