Castle keep palace with continuous Japanese rooms Kochi Castle who has the same figure as in period Edo



Kochi-shi, Kochi prefecture is situated at the middle of pacific side of Shikoku and is famous for Yosakoi festival.

Kochi Castle was build here by Katsutoyo Yamauchi in early Edo period.
15 buildings such as Castle keep and pursuer gate are designated as important cultural treasure and in Japan, the Castle keep palace who has its original figure is only Kochi Castle.
It’s a very precious remains.

“Kaitokukan”, the Castle keep palace, is formed also as residence and lord Katsutoyo and his wife Chiyo has lived here.
It’s a “Shoin-Zukuri” formed with aggregation of Tatami rooms and the room called “Jyodan no Ma” has higher floor since it’s where the lord sits.

There are storage where you can look garden from Tatami which is called “Musha-Kakushi” since guard Bushi was hiding and this room is also with Tatami and Tokonoma.

Kochi-shi is said to be warmand comfortable climate with its name “Nangoku Tosa”.

It’s also famous of birth town of Ryoma Sakamoto and Taisuke Itagaki.
Please visit once.