Luxury to taste Sake on Tatami



It is often said that alcohol and dish represent its country meaning that each country has its own alcohol.

In Japan, it’s Sake.
Sake has become so popular that there are Sake Seminar for ambassadors in Japan.

Also, Shochu made with rice, wheat or potato. Shochu has become popular in abroad and they were very popular in International Exhibition.

Sake and Shochu are alcohol original to Japan but it has done interesting collaboration with Japanese culture, “Tatami”.

Sake “Sankan” of Sankan company in Okayama prefecture uses the
“Tatami border label”
ordered to local Tatami border manufacturer.
Also, the package of potato Shochu “Ro” of Ohtemon in Miyazaki prefecture uses real Tatami!

It’s a challenge to deepen the zest of Japanese Sake.
Japanese Sake fits Japanese room very well.

Tasting Sake and Shochu on Tatami… please experience this luxury once.