Moved by “traditional technique” Tatami Art Museum



Japanese traditional culture, “Tatami”.
I’ve already told you about “Tatami craftsmen”, the professionals with stitching technique and insight for quality.

“Ibaraki Tatami Craftsmen Training High school”
in Takahagi-shi, Ibaraki.
This school was built in 1971 in order to pass down traditional technique to future generation.

Through 2 year study, you can acquire the technique to make not only normal Tatami but also variations of Tatami such as round and “Emperor’s seat” which is said scarcely no Tatami craftsmen can stitch nowadays.

In this school, there is “Tatami Art Museum”where they displays crafts of Tatami.
There are about 1000 crafts from small crafts like hanging with Tatami-Omote to large decorative sacred palanquin.
Among them, there are
which won Minister of Labour Award and
“Golden Tea Room”
with Tatami-Omote made with golden string.

Though the era changes, Tatami culture and its technique are handed over.
It is certainly the tradition which has to be protected forever.