Gorgeous great hall with Tatami Sendai Castle and Masamune Date



Masamune Date was a military commander who was called
“Dokuganryu (One-eye dragon)”
since he lost his right eye with smallpox he had in his childhood and had eye patch.

Sendai Castle is the “Mountain Castle” he built in Sendai-shi, Miyagi Prefecture.

Great hall has gorgeous interior with spacious Tatami floor and it is said to be Buke-Palace style with about 430 Tatami with Tatami floor and veranda-like porch together.

Famous military commander with fabulous war career spent late years quietly thinking the menu of breakfast and dinner in his room of 2 Tatami.

He is said to have died on Tatami in Edo Palace where he fell sick and passed away without showing his dead face to his family just as
“Date-Otoko (kiwi guy)”

Masamune built the town of forest, Sendai, in order to make it into

“the ever-lasting flourishing ground as where Senin lives”.

Most of Sendai Castle has lost its figure but please visit this “Castle remain” while feeling the path of Japanese popular military commander, Masamune Date.