Tatami for bathroom!?



Tatami has been used in indoor space since a long time in Japan.
Guest room, living room, bedroom, children’s room, dining room…

Tatami room can be used in various aspect of our life.
Soft and proper elasticity like cushion.
Fresh smell of Igusa.
Sound absorbency and humidity control unique for flooring using natural material. It will also bring security and healing to everyday life.

With such characteristics of Tatami, there is a Ryokan with Tatami bathroom in Japan.
The first who adopted this style was the hot spring Ryokan in west Japan, Matsue, Shimane.

Flooring of bathroom is usually hard, cold and easy to slip such as tile but by using Tatami which is soft, elastic and won’t slip, it succeeds in creating bathroom easy to use for small children and elderly people.

Tatami bathroom that makes you feel “Japanese way” in bathroom.
There are more and more Ryokan nationwide adopting this style.

If you come to Japan, please stay in Ryokan where there is Tatami in bathroom.