Great feast with Tatami all over the town



Japanese people have long been using Tatami in their house to create relaxing space.
Bedroom, dining room, guest room and children’s room….

Recently, Tatami has been used in natural disaster shelter to lighten the stress of long-term shelter life in public space.

Japanese people can relax and feel ease just with Tatami.
Such attractive point of Tatami is used to activate town.

Himeji, Hyogo, where Japanese national heritage Himeji Castle is.
In this town, it’s been 10 years since downtown hosts great feast laying Tatami in arcade gathering hundreds of customers.
Arcade is where we pass everyday just to do some shopping.

But if we lay Tatami, we can sit on the floor, if we get out table and prepare alcohol and snack, it will turn out to be a party place.

Participants say
“sitting down in arcade and drinking Sake is wonderful”.

Only one Tatami has the power to change any space into relaxing one.