New “Ninja Capsule hotel” with Tatami flooring!



“Capsule hotel”
is popular among foreigners visiting Japan.

Capsule hotel is a type of hotel born in Japan.
We stay in small room like a capsule where one person can lie down and it’s popular among foreigners since it’s like
“space craft”
“Science Fiction”.

With this popularity among foreigners, recently, a new hotel called
“Ninja Capsule Hotel”
opened in Yokohama, near Tokyo.

With image of Ninja and Japan, it’s flooring is Tatami.
Interior with Kanji and Ninja arms making foreigners feel
“being finally in Japan”
in here.

By the way, there said to be Ninja technique called
It’s a technique to use Tatami as a shield when enemy throw an arm.

Though you can’t experience “Tatami-gaeshi” in Ninja Capsule Hotel in Yokohama, you can very well enjoy your stay in Japan feeling like Ninja.