Tatami craftsman who won national prize



Tatami is a traditional product that has been used more than 1000 years in Japanese everyday life.
There are many things in Japanese culture that are influenced by China and Korea but Tatami is the real unique Japanese culture.

In Japan, there are Tatami craftsman who hands down such tradition to this day.
And among them, there are even those who won national prize.

“Modern best craftsman”
with 50 years of career as Tatami craftsman, accuracy of Tatami measure laying in the room, and high evaluation of even finish.
Finishing Tatami one by one and laying down in the room is something that requires craftsman with high technique.

On the other hand, what Japanese Tatami craftsmen worry is that there is less and less chance for Japanese people to get in touch with Tatami.

Tokyo Olympic is scheduled in 2020 and there will be more occasions to introduce Japanese culture to abroad. And in Japan, the idea of introducing life with Tatami to the world is spreading.