Gentle to legs, easy to live Tatami is the best for pet animal comfort!



Do you have a pet animal?

There are a lot of cats and dogs living in our home all over the world.
Do you know that Tatami is ideal for pets?

Slippery floor makes pets feet slip causing extra power in leg so it’s is not good for pet’s feet.
But Tatami fits softly to feet so it’s very comfortable.
Japanese room is comfortable even for pet!


Tatami might get damaged…

My cat might scratch Tatami…

With such opinions, there is

“Tatami for pet”

which is tough and difficult to get scratch.

You can wipe it with cleanser so it’s clean. There is also


which you can use like a carpet making a space for pet easily.

Pet is your family.
Let’s have a Japanese room in your house for them to live comfortably and healthily.