Time travel on Tatami Kakegawa Castle Palace with spacious Tatami



There are only 4 castle palace remaining today in Japan and
“Kakegawa Castle Palace”
in Kakegawa, Shizuoka is one of them.

Kakegawa Castle was built by Imagawa and was extended by Kazutoyo Yamauchi who entered Kakegawa under Hideyoshi Toyotomi’s order.

In !854, a large part of central keep and palace were broken by Tokai earthquake of Ansei. However, the palace was rebuilt from 1855 to 1861 and it was used by Kakegawa group until 1869.

Palace is in Shoin-style.
A number of rooms with Tatami continues and can be separated by Fusuma.
Goshoin-Kaminoma with Tatami alcove and large hall with 30 Tatamis…you can enter freely into rooms with Tatami and look exposition from close by.

If you sit on Tatami and watch central keep from open Engawa, you can feel like time traveling into Edo period.

Kakegawa Castle Palace is designated as National Important Cultural Asset as building that reminds us of the life back in that time.
It’s worth visiting.