Tatami changing of Edo Castle was volunteer… What is “Tatami duty”?



In 1603, Ieyasu Tokugawa established Edo Bakufu, making Edo, currently called as Tokyo, the capital of Japan.
Edo Bakufu adopted the centralized feudalism and was structured with “Han” ruled by Daimyo who had master-subordinate relationship with Bakufu.

There were many new rules and roles but among them, there was
“Tatami duty”.

Tatami duty is a role to renew, repair or store Tatami in Edo Castle or other facilities.
There said to be guardian, Tatami storage guardian and Tatami craftsmen under Tatami duty.

Their work place was inside Edo Castle or Nikko Toshogu where people are usually never allowed to enter so Tatami craftsmen from all over Japan applied for free duty.

If they offer Tatami change for free, why not change it.
So, it is said that Tatami was frequently change and always fresh green.

It might be interesting to walk around Tokyo while thinking of people who built the basis of this capital.