Stage properties of Kabuki that supports its “beauty” What’s “Jyoshiki” representing Tatami?



Kabuki, Japanese traditional art performance, has become popular among the world and there have been abroad performances these days.

“Kabuki-za” in Ginza, Tokyo is also popular as sightseeing spot.

There are many attractive points of Kabuki such as gorgeous and vivid costume or Japanese unique melody played by Japanese instruments but stage properties and gadgets are one of them.
One performance needs 600 to 1000 items.

Carpet representing Tatami on the stage is called
It is also called

but what is interesting is that “Tatamifuchi” are different;
General people’s house is
“without Tatamifuchi”

house of merchant is
“black Tatamifuchi”

house of Samurai is
“Kourai Tatamifuchi”.

It’s different so that audience can understand easily.
It is surprising that such details exist in representing Tatami.

Stage properties and gadget that supports the “beauty” of the stage.

It might be interesting to watch Kabuki while paying attention to these.