“Okidatami” that realizes Japanese space easily



Japanese general residential house have changed its style through time.

In old days, it was basically Tatami everywhere. Children’s room, living room, dining room and bedroom…
Japanese people basically lived on Tatami.

However, as time passed, Japanese people accepted European life style into clothing, food and housing.
From the life style of sitting on the tatami floor to that of carpet or flooring with chair, table and sofa.

Nowadays, Japanese life style can be said to be in

On the other hand, it is also true that there are still a number of Japanese people who “want to have Tatami room in the house” or who think “Tatami space make me relaxed”.

The solution to meet both such change in life style and the taste of Japanese from old days, is

Oki-datami is different from traditional Tatami like putting Tatami all over the room and which can’t be changed easily.

You can realize Japanese space only by putting Tatami on flooring or carpet like a rug.

This Oki-datami easily realizes wishes like

“want to have a little Japanese space in European style house”


“want to change life style along with the change in family member or style”.

Therefore Oki-datami which is flexible fits perfectly to current Japanese people and is gaining attention from big house makers.
“Oki-datami” is perfect for those interested in Japan living in abroad.